Brisbane Air Conditioner Cleaning

Is your Air Conditioner making you SICK?

FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

So your Air Conditioner runs at optimal performance and not spreading mold, bacteria and viruses in your house. 

Depending on the usage of your air conditioner, if its new or you have just had a full chemical clean done or

If you don’t use your air conditioner very often, a full chemical clean is not needed if there is no mold growing with your unit. 

You will just need a general clean and check. 

Just like a car service, you want to get your air conditioners serviced annually to keep if running at optimal performance. 

Yes we do, our sister company Snap Air Conditioning can supply and install if you air conditioner is beyond repair.

Please have a look at their website for all the supply and installation deals at

Yes, studies have shown up to a 40% reduction in running cost