My Air conditioner is clean

It may look clean from the outside, but you may be

I don't need a chemical clean, but the ac just isn't as cool as it used to be.

You may have a unit which doesn’t LOOK like it needs a clean, but have you had a good look?

Here is a unit we have come across where the customer said ” we don’t need a clean but can you check the gas it isn’t cooling that properly.”

Well, we found the problem, and you guessed , it just needed a chemical clean. 

Not only does this improve cooling capacity it also helps with some other things.



  • Duct preventing air to flow through
  • Mold growing within the dust
  • Blocked filter causing duct to go around and into the coil


  • Dust blocking air flow
  • Mold growing within dust 

Fan barrel and internals

  • Dust preventing fan from creating enough air flow
  • Mold growing in the dust then spreading throughout your area 
  • Mold growing inside the unit creating more health hazard