Why clean my Air Conditioner

It may look clean from the outside, but you may be surprised

I don't need a chemical clean, but the ac just isn't as cool as it used to be.

You may have a unit which doesn’t LOOK like it needs a clean, but have you had a good look?

Here is a unit we have come across where the customer said ” we don’t need a chemical clean but can you check the gas it isn’t cooling that properly.”

Well, we found the problem, and you guessed , it just needed a chemical clean. The filers were completely blocked and because of this air started finding ways to go around the filters which start to block the internal coil. 

Once the coil start gathering dust , water start to accumulate on the coil which then make the head unit spit out water. 

As there is more water getting in and behind the fan barrel,  the mold starts growing .   This is where things get even worse , not only does your unit run very inefficiently but now you have mold spores and bacteria getting blown our effecting every bodies health in the home.

This is why you should get a chemical clean at least every 2 years  to maintain its efficiency but also to create a healthy environment for your home. 




Air Conditioner clean process

Filters - need to clean

  • Duct preventing air to flow through
  • Mold growing within the dust
  • Blocked filter causing duct to go around and into the coil
  • Running cost is greater

Coil - need to clean

  • Dust blocking air flow
  • Mold growing within dust 
  • Running cost increases 
  • cooling decreases

Fan barrel & internals - need to clean

  • Dust preventing fan from creating enough air flow
  • Mold growing in the dust then spreading throughout your area 
  • Mold growing inside the unit creating more health hazard  
  • Vibration increases due to uneven weight balance